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Clearing up carrot confusion

It’s yellow, it’s purple, it’s a carrot?!

If you’re shopping for carrots, you’ll see there are a variety of options available. To clear up confusion, here’s a quick carrot reference guide to the choices available on the Farm2Mountain list.


If you order carrots, expect 1 lb. of orange carrots in a variety of sizes, even ones that can be a pound or more per carrot! These XL varieties tend to be winter/spring grown and are still tender and sweet and are excellent in soups. They can be peeled and cut into smaller pieces and stored in a container with a little water in the bottom for snacking.

Carrots with tops

Carrots with tops are orange and are typically about 6-8 inches long, plus the leafy green tops. They are sold in bundles that might not be quite a full pound. People with rabbits and chickens like this option to share the delicious tops with their critter friends.

Colored carrots

These are exactly what they sound like: carrots in a variety of colors other than orange. They can be pale yellow, orange, purple, and shades in between. There should be about a pound per order and the carrots can vary in individual sizes.


Parsnips are a member of the carrot family that tend to be off-white and are not as sweet or juicy as carrots. They have leafy tops and are delicious roasted or boiled. They can be eaten raw but aren’t as flavorful as carrots.