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Farm2Mountain Produce Club FAQs

1. Is Farm2Mountain a CO-OP?
YES! We all pay membership fees to be part of the co-op. These fees cover administration fees, farmer delivery charges, as well as keeping prices affordable. We strive to be competitive with grocery store prices for organic items, while providing a local product.

2. Does Farm2Mountain have any obligation?
NO! We charge a $2.50 handing fee per order.  We’re trying to keep it simple!

3. Will my produce last for a long time?
IT DEPENDS! This is organic stuff. No preservatives. It does not last forever and especially if not stored properly. Check out our food storage tips. Berries and stone fruits have the shortest shelf life, followed by leafy veggies.

It is helpful to order less and more often. Ordering a huge amount every two weeks can work if you are careful with your storage, and pay attention to first in first out (FIFO). There is nothing worse than vegetable guilt!

4. What if I want to order sporadically? Can I do that?
YES! We want to make this easy for everyone, so there is no obligation to order weekly or monthly.

5. Is produce from an organic certified farm?
YES! Produce comes from REAL, ORGANIC, LOCAL FARMS.
There is no middle man. The farmers themselves actually deliver! All produce is certified organic/NO GMO’s.

6. What if my tomato looks funny?
If your fruits or vegetables look a little less than perfect, rest assured they are still very edible. Grocery stores will only stock uniform, aesthetically pleasing produce, leading to an overwhelming amount of food waste. The typical household throws over $1500 worth of food away per year. Save our landfills, help ease world hunger, and embrace the wonky vegetable! Go to for more info.

7. Can I make a STANDING ORDER?
YES! If you would like to receive the same order every week, please indicate this on your order (There is a space for comments) or send an e-mail to and we will make sure your order goes in every week. This works for boxes, or you can make a list of a la carte items. Whatever you choose, we will take care of it! When you know you are going to be out of town, shoot an e-mail and we will put your order on hold. Just write “Vacation” (And list the dates)

YES! This is for you if you tend to lead that busy life that lends itself to forgetting. You can put this order in place by sending an e-mail and if we see you did not order one week, we will put your back up order in. Very good for those of us who have crazy schedules and who forget to order by Saturday at 8 pm! The majority of our orders are STANDING or BACK UP STANDING!

9. Is there a DEADLINE?
YES! You must order by Sunday at 8 am for delivery on Tuesday. Sometimes we can sneak an order in if you send a quick e-mail, but please let us know! You can always text (909)725-7769 and we will try to work with you!

10. Can I pick up before 2:30 or after 5 on Tuesdays?
NO! Please honor the PICK-UP Time! Pick-up is between 2:30 and 5 at Big Bear Middle School Room A5. Early birds won’t be able to get in because school is still in session. And, by 5 pm we are ready to go make our afternoon deliveries and then go to Taco Tuesday at Hacienda (For our Farm2Mountain Board meetings of course) so please respect that 5 pm deadline! Thank you!

11. Who runs this operation?
MIDDLE SCHOOLERS do much of the work to keep this co-op running. We have a dedicated group of kiddos that LOVE to work the Farm2Mountain Produce Club. We check their work (They pack your orders many times) but sometimes mistakes are made. Please be patient and let us know-we will ALWAYS credit you if an item is missing.

12. How does this support the middle school?
A portion of the profits goes directly to the kids!  This program is run through the BBMS Interact Club and any money above and beyond operating costs and food donations to the kids will go to Interact.

13. Are items always available and are deliveries always by 2:30 pm?
NOT ALWAYS! Because we are getting our produce straight from the farm, at times they must make substitutions, or items are just not available that week. Also, the farmer is sometimes late making a delivery. We will do our best to text you or call you if this is the case. Please always provide us with a cell phone number so we can quickly get the word out. Please be understanding; this is a grass-roots co-op.

14. May I REFUSE an item?
YES! But only upon pick up. If you feel that the produce is not to your standard, or you do not want to accept a substitution, please let us know at pick up. We will give you a credit/refund at that time. Also, PLEASE let us know if you get home and an item is not good. We can only change things if we know what is happening…for example, bad watermelon is not discoverable until you open it up. We will always work with you.

15. Can I share my order with all my friends?
RESPECTFULLY, NO. A co-op is always based on trust and everyone needs to pitch in to make the whole thing work for all involved. Please don’t order for friends. There is a nominal $2.50 handling charge with each order.  We’ve eliminated the monthly membership fee so that people don’t feel obligated to commit.  Try it and see if you like it!

YES! Farm2Mountain is for you if organic is important, local (within 100 miles) is important, supporting small farmers is important, eating food as close to its natural state as possible is important, supporting local kids and education is important, and price is important (we compare closely with the grocery stores).

Farm2Mountain is NOT for you if you are looking for bargains, you don’t really care where your food comes from, or you don’t like our pick-up times, memberships, or deadlines. That’s OK! We are not for everyone!