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What’s for dinner? Super Salad!

Hey neighbors! Despite this blustery wintery weather, I’m having a hard time not craving a big, nutrient dense dinner salad! But, I’m not talkin’ about some corporate chain restaurant’s feeble attempt. I mean the kind of salad you’d be able to build if Farm2Mountain opened a salad bar! We have a great variety of salad greens, as well as fresh herbs, mushrooms, root vegetables, avocados and if it suits your palate, we have salad friendly fruits. Such as, mandarin oranges, blueberries and of course strawberries.

There’s no one set way of making a great dinner salad. But I have a few keys that I use for every salad.


Firstly, I recommend using as uniform a cut as each of your ingredient’s texture and density allows, when considering how all the different parts would come together in one bite. (E.g. – shredded carrots instead of sliced)

Second, some things taste better lightly grilled or sautéed. My wife always prefers her broccoli sautéed with a touch of butter, salt & smoked paprika.

For finishing touches we always add a drizzle of healthy oil, preferably hemp but coconut and sesame are also tasty. We also like to add organic coconut aminos, instead of soy sauce.

Plus, something crunchy like croutons or cheesy bunny crackers, shredded cheese, and maybe some bits of roasted nori seaweed snacks.

If you get bored or feel experimental do a web search for dressing recipes and get out of the store bought bottle. Thank you for reading, and supporting the premier farm-direct organic produce service in Big Bear!


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