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Have you ever had Cobbler?

Cobbler Time! Until recently I forgot how delicious this southern delight is! I wound up having to make it twice this week! Cobbler is super simple and best served A la mode. Growing up we only ever had a single…
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Almighty Avocado Awesomeness!!!

Avocados are in peak production right now and that is good news if you love this fruit as much as I do!        There are so many great uses for avocado, some we all know, some that may…
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Keep it cool and Crisp in the summer heat!

OUR NUMBER HAS CHANGED! (909)547-4163 Please save in your contacts. Fresh is FUN! So, this week I spent a little bit of time playing with some cold recipes. First I made this amazing summer pasta salad. I followed the recipe…
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Okra is back!!

The Okra is ready!   This means time for fried okra, gumbo, and lots of other possibilities! Fried Okra Shrimp & Okra Gumbo Sauteed Okra with Onions & Garlic   We also wanted to highlight Zucchini Also known as summer…
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Pep up your grilling with sweet peppers

Now ripe: green & yellow peppers Sweet red peppers have been available throughout the season, and now green and yellow peppers are ripe as well. Also check out the jalapeno, poblano, serano, and anaheim varieties. Plan to pick up 6-7…
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