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Facts and concerns for food safety!

Did you know that the FDA has a program for irradiating conventionally grown foods that are sold in grocery stores in the US?? This disturbing fact may come as a shock to some but no surprise to those who are…
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No rats in this Ratatouille!

An Old School classic can be a refreshing hit today! A lot of young people have never tried Ratatouille, even despite the movie that shares its name. It is a rather simple recipe ¬†with only 4 main ingredients, eggplant, tomato,…
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Hopeful for a bright Future

I must apologize for my absence! Unfortunately our lives have been seriously chaotic. We’ve taken on some new responsibilities with two close friends in need moving into our home for help in their lives. The changes have created a handful…
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Hail to the Kale

Despite what many children and some adults think, kale has great flavor potential when prepared cleverly. One of my son’s favorite crunchy snacks are kale chips made in our dehydrator! This¬†recipe is a great one with plenty of ideas for…
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Orange you glad you get this email?

In case you haven’t had them, we get some of the sweetest oranges around! I absolutely love making fresh-squeezed orange juice and have always wanted to try my hand at making marmalade because I grew up reading Paddington Bear. On…
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