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Fruits of our labor

In case you haven’t noticed the effects of inflation in the produce aisles! Our selection of berries, citrus and tree fruits cost much less than the organic options available at most grocery stores. Blackberries are coming back into season and…
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Get Poppin’!

I have fond memories of summer time and grilling on the regular, and one of my favorite grilled appetizers is bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers. The creamy cheese blend makes for a nice juxtaposition to the heat of the jalapeños. Of…
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Who Wants Some Roast!

If your at home on a weekend with a lot of time to spare, some good roast meat, and a good Dutch oven, then a roast is a perfect idea! Here are the ingredients: Ingredients   4 pound boneless beef…
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Let’s Get Onion-y! (N/A)

Have you ever had so many onions and NOTHING to do with them? Well luckily, you CAN do something with them! You can make a delicious FRENCH ONION SOUP! Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 5 cups thinly sliced yellow onions (about…
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