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Time to get stuffed!

One of our favorite dishes is loaded stuffed bell peppers, vegetarian style. This recipe is a tasty variation, utilizing quinoa instead of rice. Plus when we make these we like to add a plant base ground beef alternative, our favorite…
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Late season fruit salads are great!

Happy Fall! I know it’s getting late in the season but we just had the best breakfast! We made a line and fresh mint infused watermelon & strawberry salad, oh my gosh was it delicious! We cubed a bunch of…
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Lemon Cayenne Master Cleanse

Lots of people ask us about our dietary detox methods, and personally this lemon cayenne cleansing tonic is a fave! I love sour and spicy flavors and it’s easy to make on the fly without any complex or freaky ingredients.…
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Go green to beat the blues!

Don’t let these Summer showers leave you feeling soggy. Brighten your days with a fresh juice bursting with vitality! As much as the valley needs the rain, it’s been a little much this past week and kind hampered my enthusiasm.…
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