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Crazy naughty waffles


Greetings folks, this week I went a little wild and make some super decadent loaded waffles! These were not your average waffles at all. These were deluxe caramel apple crumble waffles with vanilla ice cream. There was no recipe for this specific combo that I know of, so I combined 3 recipes. 2 from the food network: Waffles by Alton Brown, Crumble Topping, & Caramel sauce!  Just be sure to cook the Caramel carefully to avoid burning or turning into chewy candy. The only recipe from my head is the apple Topping which is just sliced up apples, I used 4 fuji to make enough. For serving I simply spread a handful of apples on a buttered waffle then a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkle crumbles.  YUUUUM