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Speaking of Citrus

Add some ZING to you Spring!

Our lemons and key limes are great for a refreshing cool down as the season heats up! My go-to fave right now is Lemon-Limeade sweetened with lavender and/or elderberry syrup!

Oooh baby it is amazing! I found a lavender syrup by Monin down the mountain and it works very well however most recipes cal for dried lavender and food coloring…Boo.

Lavender Lemonade Recipe - Good Living Guide
Beyond that our lemons make amazing lemon bars, lemon curd. And I’m sure they would make incredible Lemoncello, a traditional alcoholic tonic made by soaking the very outer skin of a few lemons in high quality vodka for 2 or more weeks. It’s said to have medicinal properties but I’ve yet to taste it.

Homemade limoncello recipe

Of course there is the ever popular Key Lime Pie!

The Best Key Lime Pie - Taste and Tell

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Pick-up information

Orders can be picked up by customers at Sugarloaf Park at 44866 Baldwin Ln in Big Bear City 92314, next to the firehouse typically between 7 PM and 8 PM on Tuesdays on weeks that deliveries are scheduled. Produce arrives in the farmer’s crates, so bring a container or bags to transfer into if you don’t want to hassle with returning the crate. A supply of reusable bags and boxes is available.

Direct delivery to the address you specify for shipping is available for an additional $7.50, which is selected at checkout.

Do not hesitate to contact F2M about delivery needs or order issues: 909-547-4163 (call or text). Email might not be seen quickly, so please call or text regarding time-sensitive issues.

Crate return

Many of you probably have empty crates stacking up or stored from past orders, and if you find them they can be returned to BLT’s any time you pass by. If you are ordering regularly, the crates can be traded out at your next order. You are always welcome to transfer produce to a bag, box, or other container to avoid having the crate.

Visitors Who Will Return Home Soon…

If you have been a visitor in Big Bear during the covid19 stay-at-home order, please return your crate before you leave Big Bear. If you wish to be removed from the Farm2Mountain email updates, just let me know as well. You are always welcome to order if you return!

Big Bear Prime Meats

Big Bear Prime Meats offers a wide variety of naturally-grown (including organic) meats that come from sources near the Big Bear area. To order, contact Big Bear Prime Meats directly at 909-725-8820. Since they are an independent operation and have a different order and delivery schedule.

How to clean produce

To clean your produce, a few drops of natural dish soap in a sink of water will be enough to wash off anything lurking on your food. Thick-skinned produce can soak a few minutes, leafy greens just need a dip and swish, and thin-skinned produce can be dipped and wiped or soaked quickly. Rinse everything well. Vinegar can turn leafy greens black if it’s used as a veggie wash in too high a concentration, and it might not kill viruses. Soap-based cleaning products will strip the virus of its outer coating and kill it.