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Pick up at Big Bear Middle School Tuesdays 3-5:30 PM

New this week: Summer fruit special!

Get the best deal on summer fruits now! New special for July 23: summer fruit selection — cherries, peaches, plums, grapes & strawberries– a $16.45 retail value for $15 plus only $1.50 shipping fee! This item is not a pre-order,…
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Summer produce is full of flavor!

Fresh, locally picked organic produce is full of flavor! Don’t miss out on the best organic summer produce in the area: order now for pick-up Tuesday, July 23. This week’s T&D Farm box will contain: cucumber, corn, red potatoes, red…
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Delivery this week–guaranteed!

We’ve reached a minimum order and delivery is guaranteed this week! Thanks for being prompt with ordering so that we’ve already reached the minimum order for delivery! Because of the summer slow-down, it’s only been feasible to do orders every…
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Fresh summer produce–Sweet!

Place your order now In order to make the minimum order for delivery, tell your friends & neighbors to try out Farm2Mountain! And, please, make it a weekend habit to input your order Sundays by 6 PM to be sure…
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