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Farm2Mountain Big Bear

New pick-up location!

Updated March 26, 2020

Order by 6 PM on Sundays for delivery the following Tuesday

The current order volume allows for weekly ordering, so plan ahead for your produce to keep the schedule consistent. Low order volume means going back to every other week deliveries.

Pick up is now at BLT’s Restaurant in Big Bear Lake

This has been in the works for awhile, but with the weather improving, order volume increasing, and social distancing still in effect, now is the time to make the move to a more permanent pick-up location for Farm2Mountain. Unless you choose home delivery at checkout for an additional $5, you will need to pick up your Farm2Mountain orders now at BLT’s Restaurant, located on Big Bear Boulevard, near Summit Boulevard. Orders will be ready to pick up there from 5-7 PM on Tuesday, March 31 and every day that Farm2Mountain receives deliveries in the future. BLT’s has also recently been stocking additional produce (not organic), bread, and eggs, so you can plan to make it a one-stop-shop if needed. Check out their menu options and grocery items online:

Item availability*

Farm2Mountain’s supply varies by season and availability, so the farmer will sometimes not have every item in stock (or in the quantity we order), or products vary as seasons change. Sometimes the farmer will substitute an out-of-stock item for something similar, which you can decline at the time you receive your order for a cash refund for the item’s cost.

Remember to wash produce well

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly wash your produce, but more so now during the covid-19 concerns, though it is extremely unlikely to contract covid-19 via food or groceries. Farm2Mountain’s produce has been handled by a minimal number of people because it comes straight from farms, is sorted into our order, then arrives in Big Bear where individual items are boxed or bagged for delivery. It has never been sitting on a public shelf. Because it has been growing outdoors just a day or two before it arrives to you, there is probably still dust and farm-residue on it that should be always be cleaned off. The image above gives easy ways to clean produce safely (more recommended for hard-skinned items and not delicate greens), and Better Homes & Gardens and the FDA give similar guidelines. Using a diluted solution of natural-ingredient based dishsoap can also be effective in cleaning produce if it is rinsed well. Some produce spoils faster after washing, so the general recommendation is that produce should not be washed until right before it is to be cut, peeled, cooked, or eaten. Harsh chemical-based soap and bleach are never recommended for cleaning produce and can even be harmful if used. The New York Times also has a recent article on the issue if covid-19 and produce.

Farm2Mountain is only available in Big Bear

During the coronavirus situation, we realize that home delivery of produce is a valuable service, but Farm2Mountain’s products get delivered to Big Bear by the supplier. If you live outside of Big Bear, you will have to come pick up your order here.

Avoiding crowds? Farm2Mountain is your solution!

Keep grocery shopping insanity to a minimum by ordering your fresh organic produce online and having convenient delivery options.  Tell your friends about Farm2Mountain to help expand options and availability of organic produce in Big Bear!

CSA Boxes

Recent CSA boxes included beets, leek, romaine, winter squash, cucumbers, cauliflower, onions, zucchini, carrots, fresh herbs, and a variety of other delicious items that easily keep more than a week. For the price, CSA boxes are your best value: loaded by the farmer with what’s fresh this week, you get impressive variety and volume. The CSA box options are vegetable-based, with only occasional fruit items. If you want fruit, order specific items or add a Fruit Box.

Whichever box options you choose, you’ll get a selection of the best of what’s in season. And, you can always add individual items to your cart to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Basic Boxes typically have what you’d eat within a week: ingredients for salad, a side vegetable or two, a few items of assorted fruits, and maybe an herb or seasonal item.

Farm Boxes typically include all the items in a Basic Box plus a selection of additional fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Fruit Boxes will contain a selection of seasonal fruits, typically around five pounds depending on the items available. In the winter months, this is probably limited to citrus and apples.

Spread the word!

Farm2Mountain depends on your recommendations to friends and neighbors, so please pass on these emails and let them know how much you enjoy fresh, organic, locally-grown produce!

*Farm2Mountain may substitute items that are out of stock, depending on item availability. In the event of a substitution, an item of similar type and equal or greater value will be included. You may decline the substitution and receive a credit or refund at the time of delivery.