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Grilling or chilling, here’s your produce!

Don’t wait to order!

Last week we learned that by delaying the order time until Monday, we missed out on the peaches and corn, which are available in limited quantities and went to earlier orders. So, please make it a weekend habit to input your order Sundays by 6 PM to be sure to get the best produce!

Summer location & hours:

School is out, but Farm2Mountain will continue weekly distribution at Big Bear Yoga (421 W Big Bear Blvd in Big Bear City, near Thelma’s Restaurant) until school is back in session. To avoid the heat, pick-up times are now 4-6 PM. If you want your items delivered, tick the box at checkout and let us drop it at your door.

This week’s T&D Farm Box:

You’ll be ready for summer grilling or chilling with these ingredients for salsa, salad, or skewers: corn, peaches, spring mix salad, green onion, cherry tomatoes, red potatoes, strawberries, red peppers, fresh cilantro, and cherries (they’ve been delicious!!). Order extra items a la carte if you want something that’s not in this week’s box.