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Feeling food-adventurous?

Want to expand your dining options? Try a box!

Ordering boxes is the easiest way to get a selection of the best seasonal produce without having to pick individual items. Fruit Boxes for August and September will have a selection of peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, and Asian pears in addition to apples, grapes, and citrus. Farm Boxes and Basic Boxes have a variety of vegetables and fruit: the Farm Box includes the contents of the Basic Box plus a few extra items.

For the adventurous eater: try a CSA Box! Got a recipe for bok choy? Kohlrabi? Parsnips? Collard greens? There might be something exotic among the familiar items! You’ll get a sampling of what’s fresh and ripe, chosen by the farmer.

Get your order in by 6 PM on Sundays to ensure delivery!

Pick up is at BBMS 3-5:30 PM on Tuesday

Produce delivery arrives close to 3 PM, so thank you for your patience as it gets sorted. If you need to pick up on the early side, send a message to 909-547-4432 so your order gets put together first.

Thanks for liking and mentioning Farm2Mountain on social media and telling friends about it! In order to have weekly delivery, we need a minimum order that takes a few more customers than are currently using this service. Help your friends and neighbors have healthy eating options!